It is the time of year when everybody seems to be fascinated by ghost and things that "go bump in the night." For me, it is Halloween ALL YEAR LONG. I have been part of a paranormal investigation team, and on various paranormal investigations over the past 10 years. Everything from haunted cemeteries, to ghost towns and even private residences. When curious people ask me about my experiences, I usually break their heart for a short time, as I tell them about how ridiculous it feels to sit in a dark room and talk to yourself. But, I usually follow that up with some of the creepiest evidence I have gathered. After that, even the skeptics start to question their stance on the paranormal.

But, in the end, you still spend a lot of time in a dark room talking to yourself.

See James Cordon, team up with Travel Channels "Ghost Adventures" crew, for a paranormal investigation of the Late Late Show Studio. This sums up what it is like on a majority of the investigations I have been on. When the fear starts to kick in, I get goofy.



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