Marvel’s What If...? could theoretically go on forever. As an anthology series, it’s not tied to any one cast, or any one story, and the longer the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands in new directions, the more raw material it gives to the show as fuel for alternate stories.

So what should we expect from the upcoming second season of the show? Its director, Bryan Andrews, tells Deadline that the next batch of What If...? will feature “more unique stories that slowly get a little bit wilder” than the ones we saw in Season 1.

He added:

The first season Kevin [Feige] wanted to keep it a little bit closer to the vest, have a little thing that was different and that little thing made these things different, but still tied very much to either a moment in the movies or a particular film itself. Now there’s more films and things to pull from, so we don’t have to have just a tiny moment. We can expand out and things can get a little bit wackier. We take it up a notch in season two and then in season three we just go even wackier. In season two, we have different characters that we haven’t really got a chance to play with before and we see how they’ll integrate with some of the favorites that come back.

The first season of What If...? was already pretty wacky. It had Paul Rudd as a head in a jar, it had Hank Pym as a brutal murderer of the Avengers, it had an Ultron who collected the Infinity Stones and took over much of the multiverse. So going wackier than that sounds pretty intriguing. But if you’ve ever read any What If...? comics, you know that those can get pretty surreal at times — like this or this to name just two notable examples.

The second season of What If...? is due on Disney+ in 2023. In addition, the Marvel Zombies episode of What If...? from the first season is getting its own show on Disney+ as well.

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