This is the time of year for people to get festive with Halloween. There's a sense of creepiness to the upcoming celebrated holiday and pretty much everyone is down to go along with the spooky themes behind everything that come along with October 31st. Somewhere within the holiday, even if it's a fun fright, Halloween can play on our biggest fears. It seems that someone researched what the biggest fear for people in Wyoming is and all I can say to the result is...WHAT???

Sure, people have fears of despair, anxiety, and those can be pretty awful by themselves. I had never known that Wyoming's biggest fear was even a thing until I read up on what it is.

The publication 'Best Life' recently researched what the biggest phobias are in every state. The article itself says, 'This is What Scares People Most in Every State'. In doing their research, they teamed up with the company Area52 to analyze a total of 49 actual fears and how they fared on Google Trends. Through this, they found that Wyoming's biggest fear is 'Clusters of small holes'. Wait...what? What is that?

It turns out that it's an actual thing known as 'Trypophobia'. According to the dictionary, trypophobia is 'extreme or irrational aversion to or fear of clusters of small holes or bumps'. Who would have that? Supposedly, certain triggers of it are things like honeycombs or bubble wrap. Even fruit seeds can trigger trypophobia. Even this...

Yep! Cooking pancakes can trigger it apparently.

But this the biggest fear in all of Wyoming. We host one of the intense rodeos you will see at Cheyenne Frontier Days, but clusters of small holes or bumps, or apparently something as simple as bubble wrap or cooking pancakes scares the absolute bejeezus out of us.

I would assume that this applies to everyday things like salt and pepper shakers, cheese graters, maybe even swiss cheese. I don't know. It's not a problem for me. If it was, I probably couldn't talk into a microphone for my job everyday with all those random holes that are in no pattern whatsoever.

Either way, we weren't the only state with trypophobia as our biggest fear. Arkansas, Rhode Island, and North Dakota also had it so we're not the only weirdos.

Try not to get too scared of strange hole-y patterns this Halloween, Wyoming! Take care of yourselves out there!

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