This is up for a hot debate. Everyone has different tastes and can be very passionate about what they like to watch. Some people really like Seinfeld, those people are wrong. Sorry, just needed to get that dig in. I hate that show.

The website Zippia did all kinds of research to figure out what we like to watch. Here's how they figured it all out.

We looked at the top 100 most, highly ranked TV shows from IMDB, the internet database of all things movies. We culled out some shows that were mini-series but otherwise bowed to the people’s wisdom.

From there we referenced Google Trends data from the past twelve months and came up with the most statistically significant, unique TV program in each state. For example, How I Met Your Mother is not the most-watched show in New York, but it is watched there more than in any other state.

In general, this method tends to favor new tv shows, particularly those with cliffhangers and other probing questions. So we can’t guarantee that everyone isn’t just happily watching The Office- no questions needed, just the play button.

Looking around the Cowboy State, what are they watching. Colorado and Idaho are basic, they like Friends, Utah likes The Office, and Montana likes Yellowstone, who didn't see that coming.

What about the Cowboy State? I really dig that we're different, but I'm kind of surprised we didn't land on the Yellowstone train with Montana. We apparently love Netflix's The Crown. I've not watched an episode or considered watching one, but I do know a lot of people like it. So, there's that.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

What do you think? Did they miss big on our favorite show?

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