The November 8 general election is now less than two months away.

As the voting time approaches, what issue is most on your mind?

While gas prices are slowly edging downwards, inflation is still a big problem. The inflation rate across the country hasn't been this high since the early 1980s. That hits Wyoming just as it does the rest of the country.

But many folks would argue that energy prices might not be so high if the federal government would stop waging what they say is a war on the oil, natural gas, and coal industries. Those policies hit us even harder in Wyoming, where the energy industry is the backbone of our economy.

The Wyoming Education Association recently announced a lawsuit over school funding in Wyoming, which they say is costing the state good teachers and cheating our young people out of quality education. Are they right?

Many state residents are still angry about federal attempts to mandate what they see as restrictive policies. The COVID pandemic may be declining, but what some see as federal attempts to run our lives probably aren't over.

Or maybe you are concerned about the state of Wyoming highways?  Or housing? Or something else entirely? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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