What the Wyoming? That's all I can say to this video a guy on TikTok posted. It's almost like he's a wizard of sorts. I'm not really sure how this worked or if it actually froze or not, but rest assured, next time we have a really cold day, I'm going to try this.

We'll also ignore the fact that the Wyomingite in the video sounds like Homer Simpson. Someone said that in the comments when I was looking over this video and he responded with a solid "D'oh!". I appreciated it. But, also agreed that's what he sounded like.

What he does is essentially shakes a bottle of water and it freezes immediately. It's wild. I don't understand how the science works, but I really want to do it.

Check out his Wyoming Wizardry for yourself.



Does that hurt your brain trying to figure it out? It hurts my brain. Sure, I quit science after Chem 102, but still. I have a good grasp of most things in science. Just the action of shaking the bottle once to make it do that breaks my brain.

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I feel like Sir Elton John and think to myself, "All that science, I don't understand. It's just my job five days a week".

That's exactly how I feel about this guy's Wyoming magic. I don't understand, but I watched the video at least 10 times to try and prove it as fake. I could not.

At any rate, I really hope you enjoyed the video as much as I do. Now, I'm just going to wait for a really cold day in February to try this out.

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