We made it to another weekend and there are plenty of things to entertain us and get us out of the house. It's going to be pretty nice for the most part as we dodge chances of thunderstorms, but let's not let that worry us. There's the stuff! Stuff that we can do, and let's see what we have going on this weekend in the Capital City.

Cheyenne Little Theatre Final Weekend Of The Last 5 Years

If you fancy a play and fancy me saying the word fancy, you should go see The Cheyenne Little Theatre's production of The Last 5 Years. It should be a good time and, hey, you might see a ghost or two since it's at the Atlas Theater.

Dueling Pianos At The Metropolitan Downtown

Dueling pianos is probably one of the more entertaining things you can watch. It's usually one of my favorites, at least. I love being able to bribe them into playing something like Sk8er Boi.

Downtown Community Cleanup & Planting Day

This is a great way to give back and help out Downtown Cheyenne. The Downtown Development Authority is hosting the event in what will beautify Downtown Cheyenne.

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CHARLESTHEFIRST at The Chinook At Terry Bison Ranch

Another great weekend festival thanks to AEG and Blue Pig Presents. The last event these two did was huge if you drove by on I-25, this one should be no different.

Cheyenne Cruise Night

Another great weekend to see classic cars in Downtown Cheyenne and for a good cause! This week benefits Equal Justice Wyoming Foundation.

Steely Dead At The Lincoln

Check out a great cover band at The Lincoln this weekend.

Dillinger's "Aquainting" Night

Facebook got them good with saying Date Night or Dating Game, but you'll sure to have fun if you're single and ready to mingle.

There you have it, now you can't say there's nothing to do in Cheyenne.

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