We have another weekend on our hands, and TONS of stuff to do. There's so much live music going on in Cheyenne, you should shove it in your Negative Nancy friend's faces. I suggest printing it off and holding it about 3 inches from their faces, but that's just me. You do you, boo.

Fridays On The Plaza

I'm pretty excited for tonight's lineup. The two lead vocalists for both bands have pipes. Taylor Scott from the Taylor Scott Band has a little bit of Chris Stapleton in him. I got to see him do a couple songs in the studio recently, so I'd vouch for him under most circumstances. The Broadcast is a North Carolina based Americana Band and their front lady has PIPES! I'm so pumped for tonight's show.

Wood Belly At The Lincoln

Here's a really solid bluegrass band that you can enjoy tonight, as well. I'm pretty strict on bluegrass from my bluegrass...state, roots, so you have to be pretty good for me to sign off, and I absolutely do for Wood Belly.

Christian Lopez At The Lincoln

This should be another great show for Saturday night at the Lincoln. They're doing an awesome job of pulling in all of these great bands and acts that come through our region.

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Uncle Kracker At The Outlaw Saloon

This should be fun, we all love Uncle Kracker and he's going to bring the house down at The Outlaw tonight. Also note that this is the fourth concert of the weekend. Who says nothing happens here?

Dueling Pianos At The Metropolitan Downtown

You know you love to toss dollars in their jar to play some music for you? Hey, they may embarrass you and pull you on stage to wear a goofy mask. Not saying it'll happen, but it's worth investigating. Dueling Pianos kick off tonight at The Metropolitan.

Superday 2021

Ah, yes, the reward for dealing with all the tourists next month for CFD. Superday will be an awesome time with tons of events and amenities for the whole family. Oh, and more live music.

There is so much going on this weekend. Choose wisely!


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