We've made it to Friday, so what are our weekend plans? We're not lacking options this weekend, it's like April brings months of stuff to do. January-March just kind of kill our vibe, so I'm glad we have stuff to check out now. We just need the weather to feel like we do, warm and sassy.

Cheyenne Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week rolls on! Tons of places to enjoy yourself this weekend with awesome specials. I know I'm biased in saying this, BUT, the beer the four breweries made for this week, "Field Of Dreams" is a great Farmhouse Ale you should try on your adventures in being a foodie.

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The Brave Little Tailor

Tonight is the opening night for the Cheyenne Little Theater's production of "The Brave Little Tailor". This show will run through April 18th at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse in Cheyenne.

Kylie Frey At Terry Bison Ranch

You enjoy live music, you say? Kylie Frey is about to hit the town like a freight train and bless our ears with some great tunes tonight. The show is all ages and tickets are still on sale for the event that kicks off at 8 tonight.

Monsters Inc. At The Cheyenne Civic Center

The Cheyenne Civic Center is still celebrating Pixar. This weekend you can catch Monster's Inc. and yell the quotes at the screen, maybe a little quieter than you do at home. Baby steps.

There is plenty of fun going on this weekend, anchored by Cheyenne Restaurant Week. Get out there and enjoy yourselves, your deserve it!


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