Most kids say they want all the “tech” gadgets for Christmas this year, anything from the I-Pads to the latest X-Box.  But remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait for Santa to bring you  that Easy Bake Oven, (nothing like cooking a cake using a 75 watt lighbulb) or how about those Power Ranger action figures.  Anything made from companies like Fisher Price, Hasbro Mattel or Wamm-O, were big hits for we kids of the baby boom!  Which toy do you remember the most?

I remember when I was a kid, I must have aspired to be a hairdresser, because I HAD to have the “Barbie Salon” for Christmas.  It was this ginormous Barbie doll head that you could put makeup on and do Barbie’s hair, only thing is, I got a little scissor happy and cut off all of her hair.  When I realized that her hair wasn’t going to grow back, I moved on to the Crissy doll that also had a cousin called the Velvet doll.  These dolls could wear their hair short, and then if you wanted to have their hair longer, all you had to do was press their belly button and tug on their ponytails and more hair would grow out from the top of their heads.  I was ecstatic, that is until, once again, I got a little scissor happy and proceeded to cut the hair off of my Crissy doll, and no matter how many times I pushed on her belly button, no more hair grew out.  Good thing I decided that cosmetology was not the profession for me!  

There were so many fun toys from back of the day, anything from Hot Wheels to the Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Game to the GI Joe action figure.  I even remember the Clacker, which basically was 2 glass round balls on each end of a string that you could “clack” back and forth really fast, which was fun for about a minute until you accidentally “clacked” one of your fingers in between the Clacker, my finger hurt for a month!

What toys from back in the day was your favorite?

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