These days, when we want to know something, chances are we start with Google search. A look into the behind the scenes data tells tales about what the masses want to know about.

While 2017 saw Michigan searching for “Giant Penguin” the most, in DC the biggest single search term was for “What is sexual harassment. ‘

The Daily Dot put together a map showing what each state Googled the most, and Wyoming was most curious about the “Solar Eclipse” that came through this past summer. A few other states along the path of totality were also curious about “What is a solar eclipse” and “eclipse glasses.”

“To create this map of 2017 Google searches, we compiled a list of the biggest news stories, lists of people who drew our attention, celebrities who passed away, as well as the issues, trends, and events that made Americans pause. Then we ran them all through Google Trends to find out which states searched for these things more frequently than any other state.”

- The Daily Dot

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