Curious creatures that we are, let’s use Google Autocomplete to see what we as a collective group of Americans are asking. Estately has assembled the most frequently asked from the people of each state.

“We ran those searches through Google Trends to determine which state queried each of these selected searches the most over the past 12 years. To be clear, the list below does not represent what each state Googles the most, it simply shows the searches each state Googles more frequently than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.”


A sampling;

ALABAMA:  Who is Jesus? / Who owns FOX News? / Who is Lucifer? / Is Donald Trump married?

CALIFORNIA:   What is Jello? / What is a mullet? / Where does bacon come from? / When is kitten season? / Is a coconut a nut? / Is Bran the Three-Eyed Raven? / Is honey vegan? / Where is the nearest Starbucks?

COLORADO:  What is fracking? / What is hash? / What is paleo? / Where is Waldo?

DELAWARE:  Who run the world? / How to get away with murder?

GEORGIA:  Who created God? / Who is in the Illuminati? / How to hack an Instagram account? / How to hotwire a car / Where is weed legal? / How to be a man? / How to become a stripper?

IDAHO:  Is Ted Cruz the Zodiak Killer? / What does “Netflix and chill” mean? / How to meditate?

MASSACHUSETTS:  Can I kick it? (Yes, you can) / How many beers in a keg? / Where have all the cowboys gone?

MISSISSIPPI:  Can I get a what what? / Is Obama the antichrist? / Who is Prince? /

MONTANA:  How to move to Canada? / What is corned beef? / Is Bernie Sanders out?

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Who let the dogs out? / Who killed JFK? / Why is my poop green?

TEXAS:  Am I a lesbian?  / Am I cool? / Am I a sociopath? / Do I have herpes? / How to meet men? / Where is the internet?

UTAH:   Who moved my cheese? / What is quinoa? / How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

WYOMING:  What is Wyoming?


Be amused, be baffled, be concerned. Be very concerned.

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