The date of the first day of Spring is decided by an astronomical calendar and is based on the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun.

This year it was March 20, 2022, which means that right now is officially the first week of Spring.

Yet, in Wyoming, it doesn't really feel like Spring yet.

Most of us are still looking out our windows and seeing snow, and the temperatures in Wyoming right now on average remain around that 35-degree mark...sometimes going as low as 11 degrees and usually not going too far above 55 degrees.

Those of you that have lived through a few Wyoming Springs know it is NOT the time to put away your cold-weather gear.

Keep those snow boots, hats, and gloves ready and available because you're still going to need them.

So if the weather is still going to be cold and blustery how do Wyomingites know that Spring has REALLY arrived?

The answer is easy...and you can watch this video from Vickie Calaway that she shared on Wyoming Through the Lens to see how we know that Spring is finally here.

Did you hear it?

The sweet call of the Wyoming state bird the Meadowlark.

When you wake up and hear their song you know that at last Spring had arrived in Wyoming.

They can be found all Spring and Summer long in Wyoming, and their bright song is as cheerful as the beautiful yellow feathers across their breast.

This video is from Southern Wyoming in Carpenter, but I know we can't be far behind.

Keep an ear out for the Meadowlark's song, and if you catch it on video make sure you share it with us on the My Country App.

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If you'd like to learn more about the Meadowlark you can follow this link to

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