We can guarantee it wasn't as long as this 3-year-old's mistake.

We've grown so attached to that little device in our back pocket haven't we. It's no longer a rarity to see someone with their eyes glued to their phone in public, ignoring all that's happening around them. We also get very frustrated when we can't use our device, like when we get locked out of it. If you type your passcode incorrectly enough times, your iPhone or iPad will disable itself for a few minutes, kind of like a timeout.

Recently a 3-year-old gave himself a 50+ year timeout.

Yep. Some toddler punched in the wrong code into his family's iPad repeatedly. Somehow the timeout period continued to grow until it reached the millions. When his father found the device the message read "iPad is disabled. Try again in 25,536,442 minutes." He shared the news on Twitter with a screenshot.

Over. 25. Million. Minutes.

At that rate, this kid won't be able to long into this device until he's in his 50s. Luckily, thanks to the power of social media, there's a good chance the family won't have to wait that long. Several users jumped in with feedback and resolutions. I'm sure the family is back to streaming videos, but with a little more supervision this time.

Has this happened in your house? How long have you been locked out of your device because of your child? I don't have kids, but I definitely keep an eye out at family functions.

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