I think this is something we can all be happy about in 2022. Girl Scout Cookies!

I really do believe that Girl Scout Cookies are a blessing to help us get through the colder months. Ya know? It's like, we really just need that happiness while we battle the colder weather. This isn't just here, it's across America, even in the warmer climates where it doesn't get nearly as cold. It helps with the Winter Blues.

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So now, the real questions.

When will Girl Scout Cookies Be Available In Wyoming?

The program will kick off on February 4th and run through April 17th for Wyoming and Montana.

How much will a box of Girl Scout Cookies cost in Wyoming?

Still super cheap at 4 bucks a box, unless you're going boujee and want the special variety box for 5 bucks a box. Which, I'll say that's pretty fair.

Are there any new Girl Scout Cookies this year?

YES! Get ready for this, 2022 will be the year we're introduced to Adventurefuls cookie. In a press release, it was described as a "brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt".

It always seems like January is the longest month to get throughout of the year with the cold and darkness. But, hey, we only have a few weeks, then we'll be seeing the tables of cookies set up outside our favorite shopping places. Whether you toss them in the freezer or eat them by the sleeve, Girl Scout Cookies make life just that much better.


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