There's nothing more 'Wyoming' than determinedly trudging through snow on Halloween to collect mounds of candy. I can recall many a costume being covered up by a snowsuit and boots for trick-or-treating during my childhood.

Perhaps I'm over-exaggerating, but it seems like for the last few years, SE Wyoming has experienced fairly mild Halloween weather. Since 2018, kids have had fairly mild conditions for their candy-filled adventures. I say mild because there hasn't been any significant snowfall on Halloween in Cheyenne or Laramie since 2018. Archival data from Weather Underground shows Halloween weather in Cheyenne has averaged around 48 degrees Fahrenheit over the last five years, and Laramie averaged around 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

That leads me to wonder, what's the coldest temperature the two cities have ever reached on Halloween? Experts at the Cheyenne office of the National Weather Service dug into their data and shared the following:

Cheyenne's Coldest (and Warmest) Halloween on Record

Cheyenne's normal daytime high and low on Halloween is 53 and 29 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively (this data varies from Weather Underground because NWS averaged all of their data, going back over a century. The Weather Underground info only averages the last five years.)

According to the NWS, Cheyenne's record low was a frigid -1 Fahrenheit back in 1991,  and the record high was 74 degrees in 1887.

BONUS: "The record snowfall for Cheyenne on Halloween was set back in 1889 at 8.8 inches." says the NWS.

Laramie's Coldest (and Warmest) Halloween on Record


The Gem City typically faces a colder Halloween than Cheyenne. Its normal daytime high and low are 49 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. According to NWS, the record low for Laramie was a teeth-chattering -9 degrees Fahrenheit set back in 1991. Conversely, the record high was a balmy 67 degrees set back in 1950.

Check out the Halloween Weather stats on other cities in the region:

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