Summer as we know it is basically over, and soon our green grass and homegrown tomatoes will be covered with what's known as snow, but when in Cheyenne?

According to, we can expect the snow to fly in Cheyenne in October.  However, every three or four years, we can see our first snowfall hit as early as September, and it doesn’t usually end until May, or possibly as late as June. So how much snow do we typically get in Cheyenne? says it varies. "For about one-third of winter days,Cheyenne has at least an inch of snow on the ground. Snow mostly accumulates during December and January. Typically on ten days a year, the snow covering Cheyenne gets to five or more inches deep. The snowpack doesn't often get over ten inches here. But the snow can get that deep anytime from October to April.

When are we expected to get our first snowfall in Cheyenne?  According to KWGN CBS 5, the average snowfall usually hits Cheyenne on October 2nd, that’s the best average on record.  The latest snowfall on record for the Cheyenne area is October 30th.  The EARLIEST snowfall was on September 11th, 1989.  Is this the year we’re going to break that record?

We’ve already had some snowfall reported in the higher elevations in our state, so is that an indication that we could have an early winter that’ll last for a good eight or nine months?

I for one LOVE fall with what’s commonly known as “Indian Summers,” where the temperatures remain in the low to mid 70’s for a few months, to give us all the chance to enjoy those beautiful fall colors.  Now with the weather already starting to get colder, do you think that "Indian Summer" ship has sailed this year?

When do you think we’ll see our first snowfall in Cheyenne, and when was the earliest snowfall you remember hitting our Capitol city?


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