Let's face it. Hippies are not just a stereotype of the 60's. Just step foot into a whole foods store or the organic section of the supermarket. There is a re-emergence of "hippies" in today's culture. But what states are the "grooviest" when it comes to hippies? Well, Wyoming is no stranger to being "far out."

According to our friends at Estately, Wyoming has equal amount of "hippies" and "squares." How did they come up with these results? They calculated the following data.

Number of communes and intentional communities per capita in each state (source: Fellowship for Intentional Community)
Number of food co-ops per capita in each state (source: Coop Directory)
Number of local Etsy stores per capita selling hemp, patchouli, and tie-dye products (source: Etsy)
Percentage of Facebook users who express interest in the following: Grateful Dead, Phish, cannabis, tie-dye, peace, LSD, Bob Dylan, and hippies (source: Facebook)

After running all the numbers, Estately discovered that Wyoming ranks #25 for best states for hippies. With the top state being Bernie Sanders home state of Vermont.


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