Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May and is the artistic industry’s way of saying thanks for your support and “Here, enjoy a comic book for free” from some 50 titles. It’s the one day a year to celebrate the art forms of comic books.

It’s a great way to introduce children to reading if you choose the right ones. As a kid, I loved the little known “Magnus, Robot Fighter” with its warning to humankind about the dangers of reliance on robots and technology making us physically and mentally soft.

In retrospect, I think they taught a “moral compass, right versus wrong” and reminds us of how good we can be.

I learned to draw people by mimicking Superman and learning that if you reign yourself in you can draw normal looking people too. I also loved drawing robots and that fueled my appreciation for technology through “Popular Science” and “Popular Mechanics.” It fueled my imagination and inspired me to write. I gained a lot from comic books. Maybe you and yours will too.

Getcha some.

The Laramie County Public Library “has teamed up with Olympus Games & Comics to celebrate Free Comic Book Day in style. In addition to free comics, we will also have crafts, games, snacks, costume contests, and for the first time, panel discussions“

Olympus Games & Comics Cheyenne. “ Olympus is running miniature game demos, and the best part: free comics! We hope to see you this Saturday!!” 1710 Central Ave, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

THE COLLECTION GUYS will open at 10 am on Saturday with “the talented Josh Walker, and the lovely Ellunay Chronos, any with the awesome sneaky taco cosplay group. Events include:
Kids costume contest both girls and boys @12:30 to 1 pm
Adult costume contest 1pm to 1:30pm
Trivia 2-3 tons of prizes!!”

1102 Logan Ave., Cheyenne (307) 514-2212

The Loft Collectibles, Comics, &  Games has observed Free Comic Book Day in the past but their calendar makes no mention. (307) 514-2175


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