Get ready for those iconic fall colors.

My favorite season is just about here. Go ahead, call me a basic chick. I actually wear that title with pride. I love the crisp air, the changing colors of the leaves, anything cooked in slow cooker, and the fact that I can wear pants. I'm a better person in pants.

Now, let's get back to the leaves thing.

We see the leaves change color in fall presenting us with picturesque fall foliage. Red, gold, and copper begin to take over the once lush green scenery. And let me tell you something, your Instagram feed is going to be lit.

With that being said, where can we find the most Insta-worthy foliage?

Recently we found a list of the "Best Fall Foliage Spot in Your State" posted on a website called Take a moment to scroll through the list of all 50 locations, including places like Alaska and Hawaii. Many of these stellar sights are found in our state parks and are truly breathtaking. We truly live in such a diverse and beautiful country and these photos are a prime example of that.

For Wyoming, the writers selected Oxbow Bend.

This spot is less than seven hours away from us and could make for a great weekend trip when the season really gets underway. Oxbow Bend is located in the ever-gorgeous Gran Teton National Park. It's a pretty popular spot because in one view you get the river, the trees and the mountains. It really is the "money shot."

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