Tuesday, March 14, 2017 or 3/14 is National Pie Day, or more accurately, Pi Day in honor of the Greek symbol that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter - approximately 3.14 (though it’s been calculated out to over one trillion digits.).


To me, pi means pie. As in Aunt Bea’s county fair blue ribbon winning blueberry pie. It’s as American as apple pi, er, pie. But I don’t have an Aunt Bea and I couldn’t make a decent pie if I had to, so where can you get a good pie in Wyoming?

Sherrie's Place on West Yellowstone Highway has award winning pie.

According to Trip Advisor, Cowboy Cafe in Sheridan, Wy. has the best pie. I hear they get some from our next mention.

The Star Tribune wrote about some bakers at The Country Store in Dubois, who get up early to make Wyoming's best pies.

Only in Your State, says they have the best restaurants around Wyoming and the Outpost Cafe in Lusk has the best pecan pie.

In Cheyenne, The Pie Lady and Shari's have some lip-smackin' pies to top off your dinner or as a stand-alone treat.

But let’s put it to the brain trust of those online reading this.

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