Where do you go sledding in Cheyenne?

Last weekend we slid down the hill between East High School and Okie Blanchard Stadium on Pershing Boulevard.

It was a blast! There were about a dozen other people sliding on plastic saucers and inner tubes but there was plenty of room. The grade is steep enough to get some speed and still not too extreme to be scary for younger sledders.

When I was growing up near F. E. Warren Air Force Base, we would sled down the gully inside the Interstate 25 cloverleaf outside the main gate.

What's your favorite place to sled?While walking up and down the hill near East High, we got up close to the big blue E above Okie Blanchard Stadium.

I never knew it had an inscription carved into the bottom of the concrete. It says "Class of 1962."

So while you're out having fun and getting a little exercise, you might even discover something new.

Here's a picture my son took of me cruising down the hill.



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