As the weather warms in Wyoming, many folks head to Yellowstone or the Tetons or into the backcountry to spend some time with nature. But when you head out there is always the possibility that you'll run into one of Wyoming's majestic animals and it could turn dangerous.

When it comes to encountering Wyoming's Dangerous Animals, here are the ones Wyomingites say they have encountered the most.

Moose ranks at the top with 42% saying they've run across this massive wanderer.

Grizzly Bear came in second with 28% saying they've encountered this killing machine.

Mountain Lion is third with 15% coming in contact with this silent killer and 7% said that they had come across a wolf in their backcountry adventures.

When in the backcountry you should always be prepared for an animal encounter and know what to do if it decides it doesn't like your presence. Every encounter is different and most of the time the wildlife will take off into the woods, but take a look at the info graphic below and make sure you have an idea of what to do if you ever do have a dangerous wildlife encounter.  Safe Adventures!!

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