Girl Scout Cookie season has come to Wyoming!

Hopefully you got a chance to order your stash of delicious Girl Scout cookies, but if not you will start seeing cookie booths popping up all around town.

Seems like everyone has their own favorite flavor, sometimes more than one.  And most of us buy a few extra boxes to help tide us over for a few months.  The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming have gotten in thousands of boxes of extra cookies and are ready for you to scoop them up.

But you better hurry!  The most popular cookies always go quickly.  So quick, the Girl Scouts even created their own Cookie Finder app for your iOS or Android mobile device.

So which Girl Scout is your favorite?  We are hoping to learn which Girl Scout Cookie or Cookies are most popular in Wyoming?  Take our poll and let us know for favorites and we'll let you know which flavor is Wyoming's Favorite next week.  Enjoy!!



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