Thanks to Yellowstone, there are a lot of western shows that are popping up now. Wyoming's own best-selling author C.J.Box has gotten into the TV series business to make TV watching a little more like home for us, while other shows keep popping up that are also based in Wyoming.

There are two brand-spankin' new shows that debuted in the last year that are based in Wyoming. Both shows have some big-name actors sprinkled in the shows and both shows are REALLY solid. First, we have C.J. Box's Joe Pickett, which is on Spectrum, but you can stream it on Paramount+. Then we have Outer Range from Amazon Prime. Let's take a deep dive and try and decide which we like more.

Joe Pickett

I just finished this series two Sundays ago on Paramount+. They slow-played the series at first, making you wait a whole dang week to watch a show that's been out since December, but I'll try and hold off on being salty enough to give you perfect fries from McDonald's.

Joe Pickett is about a game warden in Wyoming who just kind of makes a few missteps along the way to getting himself in trouble with some powerful people. For the most part, not really his fault. If you loved the show Justified on FX, this show will be right down your alley. It's gritty, fun and it really does give you Wyoming vibes. It also has David Alan Grier with a huge, bushy grey beard. He even sings at one point! I give this show an 8/10 only because some of the special effects were awful for being in the 2020s.

Outer Range

Ok, this one really caught my attention when it debuted earlier this year. The Mad Titan himself, Josh Brolin was cast as the lead? Are you kidding me? That's a rugged actor that I want to see as a Wyoming rancher. And did he play that role perfectly? Yes, yes he did.

So this show is very much a sci-fi show. There's a giant hole and you spend the whole season trying to figure out what the heck it is and how it ties into everything. I will say, the animal special effects may be the most offensive thing I've seen on TV in my entire life, the story is pretty good as you follow along. It's really similar to that of Yellowstone where it's just a rancher trying to save his farm. With the awful graphics, I give this a 7/10. I'd of given it a 6/10 if it didn't have Bob from Top Gun: Maverick.

Have you watched either show? What do you think?

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