The population of Wyoming seems to be in a constant state of fluctuation, mostly do to jobs surrounding the energy sector.  But there is one city in Wyoming that continues to grow and is the fastest growing town in the Cowboy State.

24/7 Wall Street has surveyed census data and put together a list of the fastest growing cities in each state and they also included some interesting statistics as to WHY each city is out pacing others.

Colorado is the fastest growing state in the rocky mountain west. As people move to there to find jobs and enjoy recreation, the fastest growing city is Greeley.  The northern Colorado community has seen an almost 20% increase in population since 2010.

In Idaho, the capital city of Boise continues to attract people looking for work and a great place to raise a family.  Boise has grown at a rate of just under 15% since 2010.

Missoula is the fastest growing town in Montana at 7.3% and is due mostly to folks moving to the bustling college town.

Nebraska's fastest growing city is Lincoln with a growth rate of almost 9.5%.

In South Dakota, the fastest growing city is Sioux Falls with a population growth of over 13% since 2010.

Utah has seen just as much growth as Colorado since 2010 and mostly people moving there looking for opportunity.  St. George has seen the biggest population increase at 19.7% since 2010, while the rest of Utah has seen a growth rate of almost 12%.

In Wyoming, our capital city of Cheyenne has seen the biggest growth since 2010.  But it's not the economy that is driving growth, it's actually more homegrown as 'births' are the biggest reason Cheyenne has seen a 6.6% growth rate since 2010.  While the rest of Wyoming has seen an overall population growth of only 2.6% since 2010.


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