So 40 percent of folks polled say Garth Brooks treats the folks in Cheyenne the classiest out of the stars who have performed in our humble town.

Jeff Johnson: We saw Garth Brooks in Dallas last year and he pulled a newlywed couple from the back row and put them dead center on the front row. I almost cried when I realized what was going on (partly jealous, but mostly happy for them).

How very Garth, who also gave a guitar to a fan at a show.

Chris LeDoux came in second with his awesome shows for those lucky enough to remember any of those spectacular performances. One can only imagine what awesome character he could pass on to the younger artists of today.

But if ever on Luke Bryan's front row, don't text. He may grab your phone to read it to everyone.

So how did the artists rank in treating Cheyenne the best?

Garth Brooks (at Cheyenne Frontier Days) … 33.93 Percent

Chris (or Ned) LeDoux … 30.36 Percent

Kenny G (Gave away a saxophone at Cheyenne Civic Center) … 5.36 Percent

Eric Church (Sold tix only online for no scalpers) … 1.79 Percent

Doobie Brothers (were very cool backstage at CFD) … 1.79 Percent

George Strait (Is still The King) … 1.77 Percent   ***

Other: 25 Percent

*** In “other” was also George Strait after someone commented on Facebook that I did not originally have him on the list. Before I added in “The King,” someone voted for him about 10 times that day. That’s okay, you can do that. My polls are usually unscientific.

Two “others” were also Randy Travis and Big & Rich.

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