Leave it to Thrillist to identify the most iconic beer brewed in each of the 50 states. Its tough duty, but some brave souls stepped up to research this highly personal and subjective subject. The rules state the beer must be at least partially brewed within the state it represents. Here in The Cowboy State, the honor goes to:


Snake River Pale Ale
Pale Ale, 5.2%
Yeah, Jackson’s also got a Thai restaurant/brewery that makes a hell of a great big-ass IPA (that’d be Melvin’s 2x4), but the icon in Wyoming’s unsurprisingly sparse brewing scene is Snake River’s pale, a mellow-malted, citric, highly drinkable take on the classic that won gold at GABF waaaay back in 1995 and has been a staple in Wyoming fridges since the dawn of the craft movement. Hell, Snake River uses its spent grain as cattle feed, too. Which is to say, even the cows of Wyoming love this stuff. And that place has a lot of delicious cows.

Now, how can I get into research like this and maybe even get a federal grant?

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