Our very analytical friends at WalletHub looked at 15 key factors for how well-educated all 50 states are. Among them were the educational achievement, school quality, and the achievement gaps between genders and races. While Colorado is in the top 5, Wyoming sits all the way down at #27.

We could say, “Well, we aren’t last,” but we also aren’t Mississippi. We could say, “Well, we could have done better,” especially since Greenies did much better.

One bright spot, however, is that Wyoming ranks third in highest percentage of high school grads. That’s better than Colorado, but their rank for highest percentage of Associates degrees or college experience is #1. How fair is that since Colorado has 20 major universities to our one. (Besides, we still have The Bronze Boot.)

Four of our bordering states did better than Wyoming’s rank of #27 overall:

21. Nebraska

16. Montana

11. Utah

5. Colorado (Ouch!)

Source: WalletHub

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