It's hard to believe something we all remember so vividly is now 14 years behind us. 9/11/01 is a day that will stick with those of us old enough to remember it forever. Every American grieved, was angry, felt fear, and likely asked "why?"

Every time 9/11 has rolled around on the calendar since 2001, I have overheard someone say, "we should have today off of work."

While I get the sentiment, here's why I think we shouldn't.

  • I will never understand why a senseless act of violence seems like a good idea for anyone, but I do know that those responsible wanted Americans to feel fear and to hurt our daily livelihood. We should be extra proud to work hard on 9/11, to keep America moving forward, and to do the things we normally do.
  • High school freshmen were born in 2001. If you're under 21, you probably don't remember the attack very well. A new generation is entering the workforce, and they might not completely understand what we went through on that day. A potential day off of work becomes celebrated over time. 9/11 isn't a day that should be celebrated.

So this is just one radio DJ's opinion, but be proud to go to work, grocery shop, pick your kids up from school, go see a movie, catch a high school football game. Whatever it is you would normally do in this great country, keep it up.

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