There are many videos claiming that Wyoming does not exist. Mostly because nobody outside of Wyoming has ever met someone from Wyoming.

For the few people who do think Wyoming is real, why do so few people live here?

It is the nation's least populated state, after all.

Below is the latest theory as to why "Nobody Lives In Wyoming."

Did you know that Wyoming is 324 times larger than the city of New York, but only has a population that is 14 times smaller than New York City? Of course I realize that Wyoming is a whole state, and NYC is just a city (the nations biggest in fact), but it's kind of astonishing that one city can have 14 times more people than a whole state that dwarfs it in size. Now you probably hardly ever hear about the state of Wyoming, but it's growing..and beautiful and affordable. So then today's video looks at why nobody lives in Wyoming, because for it's size and scale Wyoming has very very few residents, not when compared to other states, but when compared to cities. (Something Different Films).

Wyoming was a territory for such a long time because it did not have enough of a population to become a state.

Back then a territory needed at least 60,000 people for statehood. Wyoming did not have it.

So Wyoming Territorial Delegate Joseph Cary fudged the numbers, (he lied), and made it look like Wyoming had enough people. Thus Wyoming became a state.


People can make good money here with a lost cost of living.

Wyoming does not have a state income tax.

In this state, it is easy to start and run a business with low government bureaucracy.


The video theorizes that Wyoming is too rugged and the weather is too harsh for most people.

Folks love to visit and see all the beauty we have, but the just can't handle out dry, windy weather and cold winters.

The video also points out that the people of Wyoming are not exactly advertising for new residents.

Folks out this way rather like their small towns.

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