"Your kid goes to Yale, so what?"

That's the opening question in a new opinion column by Denis Prager as he makes the case that students graduating from UW are typically a better quality of person, on all levels, than one graduating from IV league schools like Yale.

"In a blind test of character, if I had to hire either a hundred students attending the University of Wyoming or a hundred students attending Yale (or any other prestigious university), I would choose the Wyoming students in a heartbeat. And if I had to choose a spouse for one of my children from among Wyoming or Yale students, I would likewise choose the former. Why? Because they are less likely to think they are the creme de la creme of American society, they are more likely to be working while going to college, they are less likely to support students who curse professors, and they are less likely to think America is a crappy country."

Mr. Prager makes the case that, while Yale does produces some well educated graduates, a UW graduate comes with less snootyness and more grit and character.

Denis Prager spoke a UW a year ago, after an invite from local students. The more liberal elements of the college protested his arrival while Mr. Prager invited those protesters in to take part in the conversation. The title of is speech was, "Why Socialism Makes People Selfish."

His speech and open question form was well attended and, apparently, Mr. Prager still thinks of UW, fondly.

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