They've got lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you've hung out with me on the air the last few weeks you know that I've been preaching playing tourist around town and around our state. There are so many wonderful things to see and experience all around us. I'm a big fan of supporting local and that includes just exploring the place in which we live. And with COVID international travel restrictions still in place, it's the next best thing.

Recently I found Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg on I wish that I had traveled and found this in person, but I think this will be on my bucket list in the future. Mostly because I love animals.

Different from a zoo like the one in Denver, an animal sanctuary is meant for animals who have suffered abuse or neglect. These creatures are brought here for rehabilitation and healing. These animals also regain their confidence in the process.

The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary features lions, tigers, bears, leopards, wolves, and more. In fact, many of the animals that were in the Tiger King's exotic zoo have now found a home in Keenesburg. The facility has rescued more than 1,000 animals in their 20 years and have 400 currently in their care. They are free to roam around 750 acres of habitat that is open, natural, and comfortable.

But don't think you can't visit them.

This sanctuary features, what they call, the "Mile Into the Wild." Actually it's one and a half miles, but that's a little long and not as fun to say. It's an elevated walking path that allows you to observe the animals without being in their business. Since many of these animals have been abused, this is a non-threatening and non-invasive way for visitors to observe them.

Have you ever visited the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary?

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