And to think it all started with selling books online...

Books. That's what Amazon started as in 1994. Amazon Books. This young man named Jeff Bezos was able to identify the one thing that made books different from other items to sell on line. There are more items in the category of books than anything else.

See for yourself below.

Now it's hard to find one thing Amazon doesn't sell on the Internet. You can buy anything. It's become a resource for consumers, a platform for entrepreneurs, and the perfect reason to never leave your house.

Enter the pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit and the world shutdown, we hardly had any reason to be outside. And for many, there wasn't a desire to go anywhere. This provided a unique opportunity for Amazon to super-serve their customers and, honestly, I don't think they had a choice not to pounce on it.

Now Jeff Bezos' net worth is growing. He was already a billionaire before the pandemic hit, but now he could reach a new level. USA Today estimates that Bezos could become the world's first trillionaire by the year 2026.

You would think this means that he's fairly close to that $1,000,000,000,000, right? Well, his current net worth is closing in on $200 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. so there's still some growth that needs to take place, but if he keeps up this pace, he'll be there. Bezos' growth in the last year is pushing $70 billion.

With these kind of Monopoly money numbers, it makes you wonder how better off we'd all be if we just divided up every dollar equally among every human on Earth...

Oh and one fun fact: his growth in the last year is greater than his ex-wife's net worth. She sits at $60 billion. So even a divorce couldn't ruin this guy's wealth.

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