It's not too early to start thinking about your costume.

We're still pretty far off from Halloween 2020, but people are already getting into the spirit. Decor, costumes, and candy are already hitting the shelves. Although I haven't looked at costumes for myself, I have looked for my dog. I just can't get over the Baby Yoda idea. Although he could make an adorable Baby Chewbacca, don't you think?

I don't think Star Wars as a whole will ever go out of style for costumes.

Now last year, our top Halloween costume was "Dinosaur." Given the dinosaur fossil finds in our state, I'm not surprised. This was according to some Google data collected by AT&T. They looked at Google searches across the state and apparently we are obsessed with these prehistoric beasts.

It's not a bad idea for a costume, especially when you consider those inflatable T-Rex costumes.

Our neighbors chose some nondescript options. Both Colorado and Montana searched for 1980s costumes. The others got a little more specific. Idaho chose The Incredibles, while Utah opted for Spider-Man. South Dakota was on the hunt for Ninja costumes and Nebraska was all about Fortnite.

The spooky study also determined which categories of costumes were the most popular. They divided costumes into four categories; Superheroes & Villains were the top choice, followed by Generic, Animals, and Mythical Creatures. Obviously we fell into the "animal" category.

Now let's buckle down and get serious about what our costume is this year. There's not such things as being over-prepared, so start brainstorming. Yes, even in the midst of this pandemic. We could use a little fun and something to look forward to.

Halloween 2020 is a big deal.

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