Now who in their right mind would want to get up before first light and head out into the Wyoming wilderness in the middle of winter?

You might be surprised to find out how many Wyomingites do it.

They love the cold crisp air. They love the solitude. They love tracking in fresh snow.

Here are a few of the best Wyoming winter hunting videos that we could find.


  • 1

    Top Of A Snowy Mountain

    Cold deep snow mountain top.

  • 2

    High Country Horseback Hunt

    You'll really hear the wind in this one. But harsh conditions is what these hunters live for.

  • 3

    Winter Buffalo Hunt

    A lesson in how not to be seen when walking across white snow.

  • 4

    Mule Dear In Winter Conditions

    Climb high, get cold, make the kill.

  • 5

    Cow Elk Hunt

    Snowfall hides the fresh tracks.

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