A woman on Reddit is feeling guilty after taking her mother-in-law's dog, even though she believes she will be able to give the pup a better life.

In a Reddit thread, the woman explained she had traveled with her partner to their hometown to spend time with family.

During their visit, they spent time with her partner's mom, his 10-year-old brother and stepdad.

"His mother is married to a man who does a lot of drugs and is emotionally [abusive] and has been physically abusive before," the woman claimed on the forum.

She wrote that following a previous altercation, earlier this year the stepdad tried to rectify his behavior toward his wife and young son by getting the family a new dog.

The 10-year-old brother bonded with the canine quickly.

However, according to the woman's post, her partner's family's home is not a safe environment for raising a pet.

"They have a history of getting new dogs and the dogs accidentally running out the door and never coming back. This has happened at least three or four times," she wrote.

During their visit, the woman says she and the dog got along, and the woman asked her partner's mom if she could take the dog with them when they left.

"I thought she was very sweet and asked if we could take her. She needs to be fixed and get all of her vaccines and such," the Reddit user wrote. "The stepdad is rarely home now because he travels during the week for work, so the one who takes care of the dog is my mother-in-law and her son, who really loved the dog."

"We are on our way home, and we have the dog in the backseat," she continued. "I am happy because I know we will be able to give her [the dog] a better life away from the stepdad and also get her regular veterinary care."

Though the woman felt guilty about her decision, other Reddit users chimed in with their support.

"You know their situation, and you know how difficult it will be for them to give her reliable care. And, however reluctantly, they did agree to your request. You did not steal the dog," one wrote.

Another offered some hard-to-swallow truth: "Yes, it is sad for the 10-year-old. I'm sure he loves that dog ... but he also likely loved all the other dogs that were abused, mistreated, or neglected."

A third Redditor gave the best advice for peace of mind, writing, "Take a deep breath, let go of your guilt, and enjoy your new dog."

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