It's a three-day weekend... Are you leaving the country?

Given the convenience and speed of air travel, it's odd that I don't think about flying anywhere for a three-day weekend. To me, that's a road-trip weekend and anything more than 3-4 hours is pushing it. However, with Memorial Day weekend just about upon us, it's got me thinking about where I could go.

I have friends who have traveled to other states for a quick getaway, so it can't be that bad right? I guess I've always had this idea that the amount of effort in travel can't exceed the amount of time you have to enjoy wherever you are. This completely rules out international travel for me, but not for others.

According to Hotel Tonight, the number of Americans leaving the country on three-day weekends is increasing. So much so, there is enough data to compile a list of the top international destinations for a weekend such as this. Grab your passport, these are the Top Trending International Destinations for Memorial Day...

15. Vancouver

14. London

13. Toronto

12. Mexico City

11. Los Cabos

10. Punta Cana

9. San Juan

8. Tulum

7. Puerto Vallarta

6. Madrid

5. Montreal

4. Lisbon

3. Bahamas (ok, I can always make an exception for the Bahamas)

2. Venice

1. Amsterdam

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