Some see volunteering as an act of bravery.

The other day I had the television on as I was taking care of some chores. Sometimes it's nice to throw on a marathon of Real Housewives to have some noise in the house. I pick up bits and pieces of the episodes and commercials I've seen way too many times. Recently a new commercial caught my eye.

It was an ad for COVID-19 vaccine trial volunteers.

Of course I know that people volunteer to take part in these trials to determine if they are ready to give to the American people. I had just never seen an advertisement for it, or it had never stood out to me. I tend to gloss over a lot of these things.

What I remember in the ad was a bunch of different people talking about their reasons for joining the trials. Some spoke of doing it for loved ones, while others said it was their civic duty. If I'm being completely honest, I have never considered volunteering for something like this. It's super scary. Being an organ donor or giving blood seems natural, but taking one for the team with my health is terrifying. I mean, what if there are long term side effects that don't surface until 10 or 20 years from now? Ok, I'm going down the rabbit hole now.

However, I'm curious what you think?

It feels like we've all experienced this pandemic in both similar and very different ways. Do you feel like it's your civic duty? Are you scared of it like me? What are you willing to do to help others and where do you draw the line?

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