In a 26 point search for the most fun states, WalletHub ranked Wyoming at #34. I respectfully disagree. People wanting to see Wyoming is a $3.5 Billion business.

Source: WalletHub

Two of the key categories were “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife.” Granted, fun is subjective, but if you rank movie theaters, arcades, and marinas per Capita, Wyoming will come up short, but we have better fun in The Cowboy State.

You can ski downhill, cross-country or on water. Wyoming also has surfing… on rivers.

Get high with gliding, hang-gliding, paragliding, skydiving and more. A little more tame, but still exciting, you can hike, bike, horseback ride, quad, and jeep. At the end of the day, you can cook up a great steak or freshly caught trout with good friends around a campfire under a sky not dulled by city lights.

There is not enough room here to describe all the great things we have, but with 97,814 square miles and the least dense population, there’s room to breathe, and do just about anything you want to do in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Travel Wyoming via YouTube
Travel Wyoming via YouTube

Travel Wyoming can tell you more about a really fun state, because they measure the right way, That’s Wy.

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