Chris Navarro is a name that is commonly associated with Western art and sculpture.

Navarro is a Wyoming native, and his art can be found throughout our state.

While he is best known for his large-scale bronze sculptures, Navarro has been known to create art from a variety of other materials.

Recently, Navarro learned that the large white wind turbines scattered across the US were beginning to cause environmental issues here locally.

While wind energy is often referred to as "clean energy" the giant windmill blades are an issue for landfills.

When the windmill blades are damaged and need to be replaced, they are cut into smaller sections and buried in landfills.

Navarro heard about this growing problem, and his artist mind began to think of a way to recycle these blades by creating massive sculptures with them.

In this video, he shares his thoughts.

Navarro refers to his sculptures as "contemporary outdoor monumental structures" and based on what I saw in the video these sculptures will be bigger than any other project Navarro has done before.

The sun sculpture described in this video is one of several ideas that Navarro has.

Here is another one called "starburst."

While Navarro is still very much in the planning stage of this project, based on the hundreds of comments showing support for his idea, I have a feeling we could see one of these gracing the Casper landscape sooner rather than later.

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