As I've celebrated a ton of local breweries in the Cowboy State, there is one that I have been unintentionally neglecting. The taproom is located in downtown Laramie, where we can only imagine the real-life visuals of the town from 100 plus years ago.

Enter Coal Creek Tap 

Ok, first off, they're connected to Coal Creek's Coffee Shop, and man, does it smell great like coffee and pastries in there. I digress. Coal Creek Tap has a great Double Red IPA called Buck Of Blood. Add in the muw hahahas with the name. It's actually named after Laramie's first bar. I didn't know that, I learned it from their post on Facebook.

I'm not typically an IPA fan, a little too much hops for my taste. With that said, this is obviously hoppy with the double red IPA name, but, it's also nicely malted. With it being 9.3 percent ABC, you may want to only have one in one sitting, or not. You do you, boo. Here's a description from Coal Creek's website.

Bucket of Blood, double Red IPA
2014 Steinley Cup winner, the Bucket of Blood double Red IPA is an intensely flavored beer spiced with Centennial, Simcoe and El Dorado hops. Roasted barley and Munich malts give the IPA its reddish hue. Linking us back to the community, this brew is named after Laramie’s first bar, the Bucket of Blood, run by three corrupt and thieving half-brothers, Ace and Con Moyer and “Big” Steve Long. (9% abv)

While Laramie has tons of great breweries in their downtown area, Coal Creek should be on your list. Just make your own beer walk.

If you have any suggestions on beers for me to review, message our station app. 

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