The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is the statewide criminal justice agency with lots of responsibilities. They run Wyoming's crime lab; investigates crimes in Wyoming, especially ones that cross local jurisdictions; and they coordinate criminal justice information, like criminal history records and the sex offender registry. They also keep track of cold cases in Wyoming.

Basically, a cold case is an unsolved crime no longer being actively investigated. There's not any leads for investigators to follow, not enough evidence, or information. The case is still open, but waiting for new info that could lead to a resolution.

Here is the list of cold cases from 2000-2018 from the Wyoming Division of Criminal InvestigationAnyone with information regarding these cases is urged to contact the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation at (307) 777-7181.

Wyoming law enforcement agencies are working cooperatively on unsolved missing person and homicide cases located throughout the State of Wyoming. A brief summary of each missing person case and unsolved homicide case is provided. Anyone with information regarding any of these cases is urged to contact the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction or the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.  Information may also be submitted through this website here.  

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