In an article called EVERY STATE, RANKED BY HOW MISERABLE ITS WINTERS ARE, two guys from Thrillist wondered which state has the worst winter and came out with a tongue-in-cheek ranking for all 50 states that showed Wyoming not even in the top 10. We are in fact, number 12.

  1. Wyoming

There is a case to make that Wyoming could be even higher up the list considering that, even when it’s just dumping moose-sized buckets of snow everywhere, it’s so damn pretty to look at the Grand Tetons that you can’t possibly be miserable....Thrillist

The states that did the worst on the “Most Miserable Winters List” are Hawaii, Arizona, California and Colorado. Colorado earned their low ranking because of snow for outdoor sports, beauty, fantastic beer and the Denver Broncos, saying Colorado has solved winter.


The top 5 most miserable winter states are:

1 Minnesota

2 Michigan

3 Alaska

4 North Dakota

5 Maine

I am fine with Wyoming at number 12.

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