I ran into Carey and Nathan Mead at Nationway and Dunn on Wednesday evening. They stopped long enough to take a breath and for Carey to show how proud he is of his son, who is doing well in a number of areas, but for now they are focused on keeping in shape and prepping for some upcoming races in Granby and Steamboat Springs, while getting ready for the state championship race in Eagle, Colorado on Oct. 21.

They are part of an interstate community of racers who are serious about their fun. There are a number of state leagues for mountain biking. Wyoming high school MTB racing teams can find information at wyopath.org.

“The Colorado High School Cycling League serves students in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The League provides students with exceptional mountain biking opportunities with the goal of building strong minds, bodies, and character one pedal stroke at a time. They also gain attributes of a healthier lifestyle, friendships, sportsmanship, discipline, and professionalism in athletics.”

In the meantime, I wish Nathan well and can understand why your father is so proud of you. Good luck in Eagle!

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