Just as Wyoming gasoline prices drop an average of 2 cents a gallon over the past week, a reversal of recent rises, the cost of cruising is about to go back up.

Hurricane Harvey has slammed the south coast of the U.S. and brought the closure of several refineries with more likely to shut down. Refining gasoline is not something you can do in flood conditions and the price rise will affect the nation.

Nationally, a gallon of gas is 14.4 cents higher than a year ago. In Wyoming, it’s 10.5 cents more.

Tom Kloza from the Oil Price Information Service told Gordon Deal what Hurricane Harvey could do to gas prices. He says that he expects moderate rises in gasoline prices, but they will go up.

Currently, in Cheyenne, gas prices are surprising, mostly costing $2.17 per gallon according to GasBuddy. If you’re paying more than that and have a big thirsty vehicle, you should easily find one that is selling for $2.17. The highest price I found on Tuesday morning was $2.59 at the Sinclair on West Lincolnway and I-25.

In Casper, two stations are at $2.12 per gallon, while the most expensive in town, is at the Loaf & Jug at E. 2nd & N. Lennox, according to GasBuddy.

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