Hemp cultivation and other CBD products will now be licensed and regulated by the State of Wyoming after Governor Mark Gordon signed a new bill into law today.

Gordon officially approved Wyoming HB0171 at a ceremony in the Kendrick Gallery. Several industry proponents were on hand for the event, including one local advocate who presented the Governor with a "gift bag".

"I just gave the Governor's Chief of Staff a hemp gift bag with a hemp branch in a cup as a peace offering like a rose," Greenfaith Ministry founder Brandon Baker joked on Facebook. "Hopefully, I will not need bail."

Last month, the House of Representatives passed the bill unanimously. After an attempt to defund the bill in committee was overturned by the Senate, the final reading of the bill was approved 26-3.

Along with the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes, the new law will allow local merchants to sell CBD oils, creams, lotions, and various products derived from the plant.

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