The first hemp farmers in Wyoming saw an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something different. But getting started has been a massive struggle.

Gov. Matt Mead passed on signing the state's first hemp bill back in in 2017. But in Wyoming, not signing the bill is not a veto. That means that the bill will become a law without the signature. Governor Mead worried that, while hemp crops are not the name as marijuana crops, law enforcement would still have a problem with anyone who wanted to hide growing one inside the field with another.

Finding the money to test hemp crops, to make sure they were legal, was another problem.

Back in November of 2019 Wyoming Highway Patrol officers raided and seized shipments from two trucks carrying CBD products and hemp plants. Once again, it is hard for the police to test to see if what they have is a legal substance or not. This was one of many disputes between growers and police, which makes farming more difficult than ever.

Let's not forget dry weather this year. That hasn't helped.

Then there is the problem of the price of CBD oils dropping, rather then going through the roof as was predicted. Growers did not see the payoff that they had predicted.

That is not stopping this new Wyoming industry from forging on. But with so much against them, they have gotten off to a very rough start.

A full article on their struggle (very well written) can be found at WyoFile.

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