While it's not uncommon for those traveling in the Cowboy State to see wind-related closures and advisories, the Wyoming Highway Patrol says drivers shouldn't blow them off.

"Play it smart. Listen to the restrictions," Sgt. Jeremy Beck said in a video posted on WYDOT's District 1 Facebook page. "If you have a gut feeling that you're too light, it's a lot safer for you to stay in an area for a few hours than to drive down the road and end up having a blow over."

WYDOT says drivers who ignore closures and crash can be fined up to $750. They're also required to pay for recovery and cleanup charges as well as any damage to public and private property.

"A lot of these drivers tell our troopers, once they've been involved in a blow over, that they did not expect it to happen to them, that they have driven millions of miles on the interstates or highways and have never had to deal with this before," said Beck.

"Even though you might not be a commercial vehicle, it still means that you need to pay attention to the wind," he added. "You could possibly be injured as well as injuring someone else on the roadway."

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