The Wyoming House of Representatives has approved a bill that would allow for the removal of unenforceable property covenants.

You can read House Bill 91 here. The bill is sponsored by Duncan, Baker, Banks, Blackburn, Connolly, Kinner, Newsome, Olsen and Zwonitzer, and Senator(s) Driskill, Nethercott, and Pappas.

The House vote in favor of the measure was 57-2, with Reps. Laursen and Fortner voting no. It now moves on to the Wyoming Senate.

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In Wyoming, many older neighborhoods have property covenants barring "non-white" or "non-caucasian" people from living there.

In Cheyenne, for example, such restrictions are commonly found in neighborhoods that date from the 1930s or early 1940s.

Similar covenants are found in older neighborhoods around Wyoming, although they have long been rendered invalid by court decisions and/or federal civil rights legislation.

In January, Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson and Attorney and University of Wyoming instructor Kris Koski were interviewed on the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program on the subject of restrictive racial covenants:

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